Massachusetts heat treating furnace

One Source for All Your Heat Treating Accessories

No one knows Sentry Heat Treating Furnaces like we do, and no one knows the tools and accessories you need better than we do. We offer a variety of heat treating accessories, including our popular VakPak65™ containers and wrap (previously known as Sen/Pak®). Learn more here. In addition, we carry trays, cover plates, tongs, shovels, hot benches and gloves.

Fused silica ceramic trays are available, designed to withstand thermal shock at temperatures up to 2750° F. We also offer waffle type trays, with 1/4" elevating supports to permit circulation under the tool. They also are useful when heat treating round tools to keep them from rolling on the tray. Tongs and shovels are available to handle hot parts and trays. For price information or to order, email us at:

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