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Model VT Top Loading Tempering Furnaces offer maximum thermal efficiency and temperature uniformity, thanks to the recirculating air system. Efficient heat transfer is maintained with bottom-mounted convection fan systems that circulate air through the helically wound, nickel-chromium heating elements to the removable work basket. All internal parts are easily removed and made of stainless steel or nickel chromium alloy to minimize maintenance.

Both VT sizes produce high-quality tempering with minimal investment, making them ideal for the low-volume user. 


  • Ideal for tempering, annealing and heat processing on all types of tool, stainless and specialty steels
  • Adaptable for a wide heat range (200° to 1250° F)
  • Controlled heat transfer in basket assures uniform processing regardless of load size
  • Fully loaded furnace will reach stated uniformity over entire operating range in less than 90 minutes
  • Work shielded from heating elements to eliminate direct radiation and prevent overheating
  • Simple lever type door lift works easily, swings completely clear of chamber with hot face always away from operator
  • Belt-driven blower with standard ball bearings and air cooled motor -- reduces cost, assures long trouble-free operation and easy servicing
  • Long-lasting stainless steel or nickel chromium alloy for all interior metal parts 
  • Simplified internal assembly with canister-mounted heating element allows quick removal and replacement
  • Finest grades of insulation for the most demanding industrial applications
  • Standard fixed-handle work baskets are mild steel with stainless 
  • Special baskets available as options


Sentry VT Furnace Operating Characteristics & Specifications

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