Oil and Water Quench Systems

Sentry Quench systems are built to perform with consistency and stability across a range of operating conditions. Contact us with questions or to order today.

QUENCH SYSTEMS for Oil or Water

Sentry Quench Systems are designed to ensure optimum conditions for tool heat-treating applications. It starts with a cylindrical steel tank and motor-driven circulator, mounted in a flow-control tube. You may also choose an optional immersion heater (recommended) and a perforated steel work basket. Dual circulator propellers in the flow-control tube provide positive, uniform distribution of the quenching medium throughout the work area and rapid heat transfer through the entire system. The unit is fully OSHA compliant, with an over-temperature alarm system for safety. 


  • Dual circulator propellers for uniform quenching medium distribution
  • Over-temperature alarm for OSHA compliance
  • Optional immersion heater and perforated steel basket
 Sentry Quench System

Sentry Quench System Operating Characteristics & Specifications

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