Dual heat treating furnace

We can help you determine whether a dual furnace is the right choice. Contact us with questions or to order the AY/HT Dual Heat Treating Furnace.

Model AY/HT Dual Heat Treating Furnaces

Sentry Dual Furnaces offer interchangeability and a number of options to fit your particular application. This space-saving approach offers all the advantages of the dual furnace design without sacrificing the ability to obtain high-quality heat treating results. The HT and AY furnace models can be combined to create the ideal dual unit for you, in a single, compact configuration. 

The AY features the Diamond Block atmosphere for scale-free, decarburization-free hardening of all types of tool steels. The HT features a recirculating air system for thermal efficiency and improved temperature uniformity. Together, they double up for a highly versatile performance.

Furnaces Sold Separately or as a Dual Furnace Design

Separately, these units are pedestal mounted. Select sizes are also available for bench mounting.

Click below for details and specifications of the individual models that make up the Model AY/HT.


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