Hardening and annealing

Model AY Tempering Furnace

Sentry's AY furnaces are designed for exceptional temperature uniformity and performance. They feature the Diamond Block Atmosphere for simplified protection of tool steels during hardening. Count on the rugged industrial construction of the AY to deliver long life and low maintenance. Learn More.

Model AHS Heat Treating Furnace

Sentry Model AHS Electric Furnaces were designed for industrial heat treating applications up to 2500°F. Built to last, the AHS features durable industrial design and construction, and has the ability to handle heavy loads. Learn More.


Tap our expertise in hardening and high-temp equipment.

Don’t settle for off-the-shelf solutions – let the experts at Sentry customize a furnace with the temperature range and capacity to fit your exact requirements. Rugged frame construction, high-grade long-lasting materials, and low-maintenance design are inherently part of every furnace we offer. Operational efficiency, performance, and safety are built-in as well, and have been part of the Sentry Furnace experience since 1921.


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